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Canadian Armed Forces

We were proud to host Canadian Armed Forces at the Experience Your Expo. The Armed Forces provide a range of career options ranging from full-time and part-time across Army, Navy and Airforce.

Please visit the following website to explore your options .

The extract is below ” As a member of the Forces you can choose to work full time in the Regular Force or part time in the Reserve Force. You also have the option of becoming an Officer or a Non-Commissioned Member (NCM), depending on the job you choose.

Officers are trained to be leaders in the Forces and are responsible for the soldiers, sailors, air men and air women in their command. To become an Officer, you will need a university education and leadership training.

Non-Commissioned Members are skilled personnel who provide operational and support services in the Forces. Some Non-Commissioned Members are trained as operators or technicians while others may work in the administrative or health services fields.

The next step is to choose a job that fits your desired career path, be it Officer or Non-Commissioned Member, working full or part time. “

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