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Experience Your Life was PROUD to host Girl Guides of Canada

“You are STRONG, you are SMART and your can do ANYTHING! You have the power to change the world!” These simple yet profound words were on the certificate of achievement that Girls Guide of Canada participants received from the Experience Your Life team at the end of the event. Here is a video!

The objective of Making a Difference event at Experience Your Life office was to empower people with the ability to dream and the drive to execute. The event was a HUGE success and we have received tremendous feedback and support. We had roughly 40 people participate in this amazing event that brought together positive energy, amazing role models, fun exercises and ultimately an impact on young minds.

A big thanks to Great Canadian Female Anglers and Girl Guides of Canada for joining hands with Experience Your Life to make a difference. We also want to recognize our incredible speakers (Israa Nasir, Nicole Skaf & Sophie Crête) who inspired not just the younger participants but all of us in the room. What an incredible and real set of presentation!

There were many moments during these incredible 5 hours that moved us but probably one of the best ones was when one of the participants explained to her parent at the time of pickup about her experience. The parent broke down and said to us “There is too much taking the world, I am glad that I was part of something that gave back”. That kind of positive energy makes our day and keeps us going.

So a BIG THANK YOU to our awesome volunteers, all the participants, parents, our incredible speakers, Great Canadian Female Anglers and Girls Guide of Canada. Anything is possible when good people get together and take action for what they believe in!

We have setup Experience Your Life to change the world – one life at a time! We need your support and positive energy. Please mark your calendars to attend our annual Expo on 25th September that will have 60 organizations from around Canada and the world and will be attended by 2000+ people! This is becoming the largest “Making a Difference” type event in Ontario. You can register for FREE (early bird only) at . Please also LIKE US on facebook at

Our next event “Professionals Making a Difference” is on May 14th from 10 to 12:00 geared towards a professional and university student audience. If you are professional or University student, you don’g want to miss this incredible event that is bringing together change makers and risk takers. Very limited space left, you can find the details and registration link on We have three incredible speakers including the CEO of Social Travel, an executive at Habitat for Humanity and a social worked who has been involved in incredible organizations. For more details and to register for this very limited availability event, please visit

If you are a social entrepreneurship or non-profit we are happy to partner with you and host you at little or no cost at our incredible 4000sqft event space in Bolton customized for positive events. There are no strings attached but the simple desire to make a difference by getting good people together. To get involved in the

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