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Event Debrief – Professionals Making a Difference

Experience Your Life invited 42 professionals and students from across the GTA on 14th May and the energy in the room was like no other – very positive, real and geared towards making a difference.

Our incredible speakers moved the audience with their riveting stories and a message that came from deep within their hearts. They  represented the leadership style that Experience Your Life supports which is having corporate impact by taking care of people first. Here is an example of the amazing messages:



Ron Potvin’s (District Manager at Home Depot) message on overcoming obstacles and the incredible narration of his journey of perseverance, courage, impact and being there for others really left a deep impact on the audience. You could tell the message came from deep within Ron’s heart and it connected with the listeners.  You could hear a pin drop in the 4000 sq. ft. hall!


Kevin Whyte’s (Manager of Government Relations at Habitat for Humanity) message on the snowball effect of a single day of volunteering had on his life really emphasized that good deeds circle back in your life in more way than one – not just in movies but especially in the real world!


Sudarshan’s (CEO of Social Travel) witty and unique presentation engaged the audience. The message to use your skills (in his case travel expertise) for the greater good resonated very well. He clearly lives by the phase “Chance Favors the Brave Mind”. We encourage you to book your travel through his unique and socially minded organization


Mihami’s (Public Speaker, Mentor) speech around identity and finding your passion was inspiring. Her take in helping people through fashion demonstrated that you can make a difference in many different ways and there is no single answer.

We would like to thank our guest speakers and our incredible audience. As per the certificates that were given out, we truly believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN GOOD PEOPLE TAKE ACTION AND SPEND TIME DOING LIKE YOU DID ON SATURDAY

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