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Sophie Experiencing Her Life – Bon Voyage to Africa!

The world is full of people who follow the beaten path and spend the best years of their life doing things they actually don’t care about. Then there are a few that blaze through the unknown and create a trail where none existed for the rest of us. Experience Your Life is proud to have a team that consists of risk takers, change makers and people-first professionals who care deeply about making a difference. We are working hard to redefine what it means to be successful and proving that you can balance your career, travel the world, bring back purpose in your life and have a great time doing it. We believe that changing the world doesn’t have to be boring! There is a certain energy in our team that can only be experienced.

Sophie is an Experience Your Life team member that is an example of a change maker and a risk taker. Based on the last Expo, Sophie got interested in Engineers Without Borders ventures in Africa. She applied and got accepted and recently left for a one year assignment in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Before she left, she inspired a group of young girls to follow their dream at the Girls Guide event. Here is a video!

Sophie could have stayed in the comfort zone of the management consulting jobs that she was offered in the top companies in Canada. She could have continued her career as an aerospace engineer. She could have been complacent with what she had and not given what can be a shot. But that wouldn’t be Sophie or the Experience Your Life spirit. Instead, Sophie decided to jump on the opportunity to make a difference while learning critical skills.

Here journey has taken her to a point where she is responsible for helping two social entrepreneur start-ups in the Ivory Coast succeed. The skills she is gaining are real, transferrable and highly applicable in a top consulting career. The people skills she is learning can only be acquired when you step outside your comfort zone. On top of that, she is having the time of her life totally immersed in a culture that is very different yet beautiful in its own way. She is having opportunities like playing volleyball with the locals, enjoying her new apartment in Accra and planning her December safari somewhere in Namibia or Kenya! She has redefined the word ‘workspace’ by following her passion and merged the concepts of work and life. A very refreshing take on the work life balance that many struggle to achieve in the corporate world.

Bon Voyage Sophie – we are incredibly proud of you!

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