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Proud to Have Swiss Education Group

Here at Experience Your Life, we want to promote an education that allows you to help people. We are proud to have the Swiss Education Group at our Expo this September. The SEG provides an education in hospitality that inspires graduates to partake in leadership opportunities. They provide many different programs including culinary, hospitality in business, language education and many more.

Experience Your Life hopes you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity for an education that helps to inspire people. Find more about our Expo and REGISTER NOW FOR FREE at

Below is a short excerpt from the SEG website, more can be found at:

“Since the establishment of its first hotel school in 1982, the Swiss Education Group has grown to become a world leading hospitality education network. The outstanding success of the Swiss Education Group has set new standards in the hospitality industry and provides inspiration to its graduates.

Staying true to the traditions of Swiss hospitality management, all programmes of the Swiss Education Group combine academic learning with practical experience and are designed to meet the needs of hospitality employers. All member schools are subject to a stringent academic quality assurance which ensures students receive the renowned high-level of Swiss education.”

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