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Believe In Yourself and Do Meaningful Work

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Nicole is a Women & youth’s empowerment campaigner, social justice activist, social entrepreneur, and a former Economic Diplomacy Associate at the Costa Rican Embassy in Ottawa. She believes in doing work that fuels the soul, and never giving up on one’s dreams.

By: Nicole

Setting objectives to meet your ultimate goal and passion in life is crucial. I know, easier said than done. But hey, no one said it was going to be easy. Thus, sharing a measure of sacrifice, planning, and actively getting involved with opportunities as they arise are all a great start and part of a successful path.

I believe that to be successful all aspects & components in your life (e.g. the social, emotional, health, educational & intellectual stimulation, friends & family), must be well balanced and cared for. In this sense, I see life through a holistic approach and do my best to stand by it regardless of the environment I am in or of the projects I take part in. More specifically, there are certain values and processes which I believe can be applied to all areas of life and anything you do. I am a believer that with discipline comes success. By being committed and constantly working towards your goals (whether it is every day or every week, month, or year) one can envision more clearly what is it that one wants to accomplish and how will one do it. With a hard work ethic and the constant search for betterment, anything is possible.

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Like all of you, I have had downfalls & made mistakes but otherwise, I have endured and persevered as I push myself further, for my betterment (and of others) and pursuance of greater things (for me, anything that is bigger than who I am). Like I said, this is not easy. It takes discipline and commitment. There will be times when you will want to give up but it is in times like these that you must hold on to your inner strength and remind yourself that you are worthy of your goals and beyond. Nothing that is worth it will be easy. But, should you persevere and hold on, consider yourself successful because it is in the hardest challenges and moments of life, that you will feel the most alive and where you will discover your human resilience.

Last piece of advice, travel, volunteer, educate yourself, and find passion in what you chose to do. From all these pursuits, you will receive a great level of understanding of the world and contrast that will allow for wise decision-making. Dream, and dream big! All great success stories started with a dream and a vision. Find the beauties and uniqueness in people and surroundings. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand, ask and you will be answered. We are all a lot more similar than what we think. Our world needs a stronger community to face challenges that do not belong to one, but to all.  Do not be afraid to make a mistake for the lessons they leave us make us who we are tomorrow.

A photo by Daniela Cuevas.

Finally, do good and aim for the betterment of others and as you do, remember to help yourself- your value to the lives you will impact can only grow if you yourself grow (through experiences and its lessons). Today, a member and soul believer of Experience Your Life, its integrands, essence, and its positive impact, I get to live my life to the fullest. It is because of this organization that my drive to be a better person and drive for a better world, grows every day. It is what inspires my working desire to one day see everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances or moment in life, receive opportunities to grow and achieve their goals and succeed as I believe that where they succeed, we all succeed, and where we know our people, we know our future.

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