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IMPORTANT – 2019 Experience Your Life Expo Exhibitor List


In just five years, we have become the largest event in Canada. We are SOLD OUT each year. REGISTER TODAY to secure your spot.

2018 pictures and video are captured on the link which will bring the energy of this very special event to life for you. Visit the following link to see pictures and videos from the sold out 2017 event.

Exhibitor Logo - 24th September

Are you ready for a life changing experience? Come to one of the LARGEST Youth (16 to 35) Employment, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship events in Canada. We only invite tier-1 organisations to our Expo and are proud to have one of the highest representation of federal, provincial and municipal employers and programs in Canada. In addition to employment opportunities, meet CEO’s and senior executives in-person from major organisations for a life-changing roundtable conversation in our breakout room that are sold out each year. We lead with our heart and the impact of our annual event on Canadian youths has been recognized and supported by the Prime Minister of CanadaMinister of Innovation Science and Economic DevelopmentMP Ruby SahotaCommanding Officer of RCMP ‘O’ Division Jennifer Strachan, and through the physical presence of various dignitaries and leaders.

We are proud to be supported by leaders from University of Toronto Mississauga, Queens College, Sheridan College and Laurentian University. If you represent a department or are an educator, reach out to us at to partner so we can make an even bigger difference together in the lives of students.

So who is coming? The best in the business to provide you thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship grants that will help you make a real difference in Canada and the world. The partial list includes:

  1. Canadian Space Agency

  2. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada HR Department

  3. TD Bank HR Department

  4. Canadian Coast Guard

  5. Elections Canada

  6. Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

  7. Royal Canadian Navy

  8. Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  9. Communications Security Establishment

  10. Ministry of Corrections and Community Safety

  11. Public Safety Canada

  12. Federal Economic Development Agency of Canada

  13. York Regional Police

  14. Ministry of Corrections and Community Safety

  15. Correctional Service of Canada

  16. Future Possibilities for Kids

  17. Girl Guides of Canada

  18. School of Social Work at King’s University College

  19. Sheridan College – Department of Public Safety

  20. Seneca College

  21. Queens College

  22. Canadian Blood Services

  23. Knights Table

  24. Intuitive Shipping

  25. Two Sisters on a Mission

  26. St John Ambulance

  27. Elevate Aviation

  28. Engineers Without Borders

  29. Project Management Institute

  30. Not Just Tourists

  31. TeachAway

  32. Mississauga Business and Enterprise Centre

  33. Toronto Police Service

  34. Ministry of Transportation

  35. Institute for Management and Innovation, University of Toronto

  36. SWOB – Youth Employment App

  37. United Nations Association in Canada

  38. Coalition for Persons With Disabilities

  39. SV Robotics

  40. Real Estate Education : Delivered by Humber

  41. Job Skills

  42. Helping Hands App

  43. Fearless Voices

In addition to the main trade show style expo hall, we have a very special breakout room with round table conversations with some of the most iconic public and private sector leaders in Canada. It is sold out months in advance. 2019 Breakout sessions at the Experience Your Life Expo

The driving vision behind Experience Your Life is to empower people to change the lives of others. For young people seeking professional employment opportunities, grants for their entrepreneurship, travel with purpose, or professions that match their educational training, this platform aims to connect them with the right advice, organizations, employers, opportunities, and mentors. We keep the bar really high on exhibitor quality which attracts a very focused demographic of people to our event. If you are a driven and positive youths (16 to 35) who wants to pursue their professional career while making the world a better place – we are the place for you.

We have been doing our event for five years now and it has been recognized at the highest levels for the very real impact it has on youths and people who are going through a career transformation. Simply google Experience Your Life Expo to see our reach and impact across the last five years.

A couple of key points:

1) We are proud to have one of the LARGEST representation of federal and provincial employers in Ontario. We are invitation-only for exhibitors to keep the bar high.

2) [sold out] As captured above, our breakout rooms have senior executives from organizations like TD, Microsoft, RCMP, Royal Canadian Air Force, FireEye and many others. Visit the following post on our website.

3) Changing the world should not be boring! Thousands of travel with purpose opportunities. Get PAID and see the world!

4) Our exhibitors are organizations that are changing lives and making the world better. We keep the bar really hard to bring you professional and high quality opportunities

5) [sold out] We are a family of change makers that gets together from around the world for this weekend. There is a very special VIP ticket available for those that share our values and focus to join us for dinner the night before. The ticket includes a dinner with 150 other leaders, exhibitor representatives, breakout session leaders and the experience your life team. It also includes the expo+breakout room ticket for 28th. This ticket type is invitation only. Please send us an email at with who you are and the change you are/want to drive in the world. We will circle back with you.

Our target demographic is special! Read this part really carefully to make sure we are a fit for you and you are the type of attendee we are looking for. Our exhibitors travel from the far corners of the country to provide life changing opportunities and we are razor focus on bringing youths to our event who are driven and want to make a real difference.

We welcome positive and driven attendees who are looking for a break to truly accelerate their career. We want to really emphasize that we are not the typical employment and entrepreneurship expo and a simple google search on Experience Your Life Expo will reveal the life changing opportunities and impact we have had in the last five years. This Expo is razor focused on a life changing experience for a certain type of attendees – those that are (1) Positive (2) Looking for a career and not a tactical job (3) Want to do something incredible with their life and exploring options (4) are willing to work hard towards achieving their dream. Our attendees come well researched on our leaders and exhibitors and connect at a level that changes their life. If that is you, we would love to see you in 2019 and to join the family of change makers!

Really important part:

1) Please note we are a event focused on youth empowerment and attended by senior executives from all over Canada and the world who share our vision. Admission tickets are only for individuals seeking services of our exhibitors and absolutely no business solicitation or suitcasing is permitted by non-exhibiting business representatives. This policy is strictly enforced.

2) All ticket sales are non-refundable.

3) For guaranteed entrance to the event, please purchase your ticket by paying for it as it is a very nominal price that confirms to us that you will be attending and take this opportunity seriously. Complimentary tickets purchased using a code can be cancelled at any time leading up to the event if we hit our capacity. If you get a complimentary ticket using a promotional code, please note that the attendance will be on a first come basis on 28th September until we reach the capacity. Given the high number of no-shows associated with free tickets, having a complimentary ticket does not guarantee you entrance to the expo as it will depend on the day. We encourage you to come at 10:30 to maximize your chance.

3) Due to the nature of the business, exhibitors or leaders may change at any point.

4) The breakout room seating is on first come and first serve basis. Registration starts at Expo opening. The breakout rooms are extremely popular and are sold out months in advance every year. Please arrive well before 11:00 to secure your spot as we cannot guarantee it once the event starts.

5) By taking part in this event you grant the event organizers full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims without any financial compensation. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.

Call to action:

  • Bring your positive energy and be ready to embrace life changing opportunities on 28th Sep. We work hard to attract a demographic that is positive, professional and ready to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.
  • We are making at difference at a global scale through our other project to build 100 libraries around the world. The Expo directly supports us to build more libraries around the world. We have build 32 in 9 countries so far. Check it out and join the movement of youth empowerment.

The energy around the event is like no other and we are looking forward to share it with you. Let’s make an even bigger difference together!












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