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Recap: 2018 Pictures of Experience Your Life Expo

Experience Your Life Expo 2018 was one of the largest youth empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship events in Canada. Leaders from the government, academia and industry joined hands to make a real difference in young lives. The feedback has been overwhelming and we are truly honoured to build something that is bigger than all of us individually. It is hard to recap the energy of such an event as it can only be experienced! This post contains some of the pictured and videos to share the vibe.


Mark your calendars to experience it in person on Saturday 28th September, 2019. You can support this event in three ways:

  1. Sponsor – The Expo is not just one of the largest youth empowerment events in Canada, it is one with one of the highest quality of organisations. We have one of the highest representation of Public Sector employers and tier-1 organisations. Email for sponsorship details.
  2. Exhibit – If you are a Public Sector or tier-1 employer (ranked by employees in major industry surveys), please send us an email and we will be happy to extend you an invite. We only have 50 booths mostly for returning exhibitors and have no plans to expand beyond that to keep the quality high. We are sold out of exhibit space months in advance each year.
  3. Attend the Expo. It is sold out each year, you can RSVP on eventbrite at . Registration for 28th Sep, 2019 is now open.

We want to recognize the following individuals who made this event successful :

  1. Our leaders : A BIG thank you to all the pubic and private sector executives who took time out and led the various roundtables. As you experienced through the real nature of the conversations, you made a big difference in the lives of youths. We also want to recognize our Prime Minister, Honourable Justin Trudeau for his letter of support.
  2. Our Exhibitors: Thank you for the opportunities they provided to the youths. You made a real difference. We are an invitation-only event and you truly represent some of the best employers and government programs.
  3. Our Attendees: Last but not the least, we were thrilled to have a high caliber of attendees that are real change makers and risk takers. Our average on the attendee survey was 9.6 out of 10! We are proud to be surrounded by incredible people who believe in our mission. The attendees came from as far as Montreal and Ottawa to connect with the opportunities.
  4. The Team: The absolutely incredible Experience Your Life Team. Your positive energy, professionalism and sincerity made the event what it was! They came from as far as Singapore, Panama, Edmonton, Montreal, Dallas and believe in the vision.

2018 Summary Video

The Experience Your Life Team

Experience Your Life Team 2018

The Main Expo Hall

Meet the Expert room

This room has changed lives over the last five year by connecting youths with senior executives for an authentic round table conversation.

Interview with the Founder, Sultan Akif

This will never be just another event for us. It is all about making a real difference. Our founder is also the author of the book “Boy in the Library” (available on Amazon worldwide) to help people connect with purpose and achieve true happiness.

If you made it right till the end of this post, you have the Experience Your Life spirit and we want you to get involved :)! We put a lot of heart into this Expo and are always looking for people who share our vision. For example, there is an exclusive and invitation only dinner the night before the Expo for 150 leaders, exhibitors and team members. We open it up to a few new people who share the Experience Your Life spirit. If you feel that is you, please send us an email at Here are some pictures from 2018 Experience Your Life dinner.

Experience Your Life Expo 2018 was special for another reason, was launched on that day by perhaps the youngest social entrepreneurs in Canada. They are two sisters aged 9 and 7 on a mission to make a real difference. See their journey at

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